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How can you get rid of the hair without is growing back spikey (if ya know wat i mean).

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    1. lazer hair removal

    2. wax it? haha that’s painful tho [external link]

    3. Just trim it. Having no pubic hair is weird.

    4. You can get it waxed, or consider laser hair removal.

    5. There is only 1 easy solution to this problem:Use a pair of scissors while your in the shower.Bundle areas of hair up, and cut em whole.Dont cut too low, leave about a cm.It’ll last you for months with no spikey bits.

    6. Why mess with your pubic hair at all? Just trim it.

    7. If you are really serious about getting rid of your pubic hair you can get Lazar hair removal but it is expensive. You can also buy wax kits at the drug store. Just make sure that it is for bikini area. I know your a guy but that is what you should buy. If you don’t want to wax then use hair clippers (the kind you would use for buzz cuts) and leave the guard on so the hair isn’t too short. If you cut your hair too short it will definitely grow in spikey.So if you don’t want any hair down there at all i would suggest do the waxing because when you wax the hair does not grow in spikey because you are pulling the hair out by the root not chopping it off. Plus you don’t have to do it as often because it will take longer to grow back then shaving.I hope this helped

    8. wow umm i hate tell tell you this but the cheap way would be to get a brazilian biki wax aka wax it off or you can just shave it every day and i know creapy hearing this from a girl just rellax im not a perv

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