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Stupid, STUPID me but I accidentally left my hair removal cream (Nair) on for about an hour (cause I got absorbed into the internet) and now there's a rash.It looks horrible, and it's slightly red; but it's noticeable. HELP. How can I cure it fast?5 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

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    1. Don’t do it again.

    2. Clean off the area with cold water and diluted Dial soap. Pat the area dry with a soft rag with an up and down motion not back and forth. Let the area dry as much as possible, putting creams or lotions on it too soon with irritate it more. Wait up to sick hours for it to dry, try not to put clothes on it just sit on a silk sheet if you can. When fully dried out put vitamin E oil or coconut oil on it. Only put a little, make sure the area is covered and let that dry a bit before putting on clothes.

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