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I'm 14, going through puberty, and my balls itch so bad! They're itching right now as we speak! When I shower, I wash to make sure I washed them good, and I make sure I rinse good. There's a lot of hair, so that could be the case, but still! It's been happening since Fall 2007! I HATE it! And I wear boxers, not underwear. I know it sounds like too much info but I'm sick of it

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  • Are their any hair removal for the more “senstitve” parts of male’s body - You are a man. Men have hair there. Get over it. Anything you do to remove the hair will do some of the following: itch, burn, hurt, cost a lot of money, make you smell bad (because sweat doesn’t evaporate if your underwear sticks to your skin). There are other things to concern yourself about
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    1. yeah..i think its all guys sometimes its ******** annoyingEmail me if there is a way to lessen it!Icouldntinkofaname@yahoo.com

    2. It’s possible that the scrotal hairs are beginning to curl near the original pore, thus the hair brushed your testicles very often and the itching will be inevitable. Make sure to continue washing your genitals thoroughly and everyday. After you take your shower, put some lotion on the testicles so that they stay moisturized. If you do this, there is something else you can do to see if this will help you. Try getting some hair removal cream like Nair, Neet, etc and remove the scrotal hair. Keep the area moisturized after doing so and see if this alleviates the itching at all. If this doesn’t research online or at your local library about testicles itching and see what you can find. Talk to a trusted adult or father figure in your life about this to see if they can be of any help. If nothing you can find alleviates the itching, then I’d advise that you see a doctor just to be safe. Hope this helps.

    3. unmarriageable

      hi, well if you don’t like thatyou can shave that part of your bodyor if you dont like thatyou can go to the doctorand mmm…i dont knowdoctors can give youbest answersi wanna talk with a person of other countryhere’s my mailhector_aas@hotmail.com

    4. CRABS? LOL

    5. Man, its called BSTL get used to it or shave em’ best of lucck

    6. im the same age and everything and i have the same problem

    7. its because your a guy. get used to it.

    8. cut them off then it well stop itching

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