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I have just noticed that I have a few light strands of hair INSIDE my labia, like, the red part. There are probably around 5-10 strands in total. Is this normal or something to worry about

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    1. It is normal do not worry about it

    2. Its quite normal.You can try pulling them out with a tweezer though.

    3. you could try cutting it with a scissor if its really bothering you,but if its not its probably good to leave the area alone because its a very sensitive area you dont want to create an infection or a rash..

    4. Hi, it’s perfectly normal for hair to grow inside your labia in small amounts.There’s no need to remove them unless they cause you any discomfort but if you do remove them, pluck them. Do not cut them or use a removal cream.Everyone reacts slightly differently, so only remove one or two a day to start with to see how you react.I hope this helps,Andy

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