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if you use hair removal cream will it make the hair grow back thicker like shaving?

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    1. no it doesnt even i use to think d same .but wen i tried shaving or the cream it didnt happen so.actually it depends on person to person skin type.so first u shuld try on a small part of ur skin then only u will know.for me cream left white spot on my hand but shave was a hit .so u better find it out.

    2. apparently neither shaving nor hair removal cream make hair grow back thicker…its a myth, neither of the above can cause the production of hair folicles. it could just be an illusion as the hair may grow back darker or in a slightly different direction. though i personally dont get on very well with hair removal creams.

    3. your hair doesn’t come back thicker, it just feels like it at the stubble stage. And no, you won’t have more hair either since you only have a certain amount of hair follicles and shaving or hair remover won’t magically make you grow more follicles. What hair remover does do is make the hair take longer to regrow so there is a longer period between needing to use hair remover again. Hair remover is harsh to some peoples skin and will burn and leave red marks. My son-on-law(God bless the dork!) used some to make his shaved head totally smooth and ended up looking like he had road rash all over his scalp. It was good for a laugh any way.

    4. That’s an old-wives tale. Waxing, creams, tweezing, shaving – does NOT make your hair grow back thicker.

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