Hmmm?I dont really know how to shave around the pubic area very good because i end up with like red bumbs.. i dont know how to take them away or how to shave without them being there. i tried to pop it like a pimple and it kinda worked. a little.. i used tweezers to take away the hair in the center of the bump.. How do i shave the pubic area without getting those red bumbs? Please Help

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    1. Use wax or a chemical hair remover, they don’t irritate as much, DONT get inside (you know what I mean) it will HURT and bleed

    2. well, as a guy I just use like a beard trimmer with no guard. it gets it really short, where its like soft to the touch, ya know where it becomes fun to pet. and it doesnt break me out like a razor does. real talk though, becareful round the balls cause the razor will like suck em in it or somethingif your a girl then you needa be smooth, or at least well kept, but no advice for ya

    3. what you are referring to is, razor burn! i hate it and for sooooo many years i could never get rid it. i tried everything and got so frustrated. so, i decided to try something else. Nair or Veet hair removal cream! i get the one for sensitive skin so there is less irritation, as long as you don’t use it everyday because you are supposed wait at least 72 hours before using it again, trust me i’ve made that mistake. ouch, i think it causes way less irritation then shaving though. Also trying wearing different underwear such as those cute “boxershort” type. they don’t rub against it the burn, therefore there will be way less irritation. i hope i helped! 3Answer mine? [external link] ;_ylt=AoxjXg6oQPN3Og8tjUbaCUwazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20110722234846AA8cV17

    4. Here’s how to shave your pubic hair: 1st pluck/wax some of them while they’re long. Then cut the hairs short. Apply conditioner or something creamy to the pubic area. Then shave upwards in the opposite direction of the hairs with a 5-bladed razor. Be sure to shave hard to make it smooth. Afterwords to avoid getting beginners side effects wash the area off with acne cleanser or anti-bacterial dishwasher soap. It only takes me 5 minutes to shave it I shave about 3x a week. If done right you will be incredibly smooth like me. If you do experience beginners side effects don’t panic, just put acne cream on the bumps, pop them if you can, keep up the shaving routine, they should go away within a month. It’s just like starting a new medicine. You could also try applying rubbing alcohol after you shave. That’ll help prevent red spots.You can also get it removed permanently with electrolysis which is painful costs $55 an hour. I’ve gotten 3 treatments on my pubic hair. Email me for more info about it.Here’s the benefits of pubic hair removal: 1st of all the absence of pubic hair is erotic sensational. It’s easier to get sexually excited masturbate. You’ll feel sexier, younger, more naked when you’re naked. If you’re a girl your guy will be able to see your vulva when you’re naked. For girls it makes their periods easier to clean up because the hair traps in blood junk. It’s cleaner because hair traps in odors dirt is one less thing to wash when you take a shower. One of the reasons I started shaving is because pubic hair was a distraction when I saw that area, I would kill time twirling the hairs. Pubic hair can get caught in stuff like your zipper. you won’t leave long gross hairs on the toilet or in the bath.I’ve got a blog posted on my profile about why there’s nothing wrong with pubic hair removal that you everybody else should read.I believe my answer is the best would appreciate it if you chose it best.

    5. I get those all the time, they are so dang frustrating! Try using mens razors because they are sharper and will get closer to the skin which will cause less irritation. Also instead of shaving cream, use conditioner, its a lot softer.

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