I used the hair removal too close to my genitals about 2 weeks ago and it has gotten worse in the last week. I had sex a few days after nowing it was slightly irritated and it has since worsened. I have two small gashes and bumps that really burn when I pee. HOw long will this last? I have an appointment at Plan Parent Hood soon but I was wondering if anyone knew of any home remedies to heal a chemical burn to the vagina. I am not wiping when I pee because it burns to much. I have been rinsing or dabbing with a warm cloth. I tried using shea butter but I wasnt sure if that was working so I stopped. Any ideas or advise would really be helpful.

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    1. Pl. use an OTC antibiotic cream. [external link]

    2. Yes, consult a physician. Thats a lot to go through and it sounds painful. Next time, go get a bikini wax

    3. geez…go to the ER, urgent care or your doctor asap.That sounds terrible…good luck and please get medical help.

    4. i might try lots mo irragating with water lots of air no tight non breathable panties and try using a small amount of desitine baby cream, its designed to heal and protect acidy rashes. no friction it will really irrate the already irrated! it might sound gross but skirts with no undies will be best

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