okay so i'm going swimming tomorow with my mates and i'm really self consious about the hair on my stomach so i went to go and bleach it then with this thing called 'joleyn' and there was none left! i do have imac ( veet hair removal cream ) and i know ALOT of people who use it on their stomach but i'm not sure if it is a certain one that they buy. please could people who have used it on there stomach and experienced it please tell me how it has been for them. thank you :) xxx

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    1. yes, you just cant use it on your privates

    2. My friend uses it all the time and it doesn’t leave a rash or anything and takes the hair off less prickly than shaving. I would reccomend it for sure! [external link] ; mine

    3. Yeah, I Use it on my stomach its really good.

    4. Don’t use it just incase, you never know. Where a two piece! Have fun! :D

    5. look at the back. if it says you can use it on your stomach, go ahead. unless you have had reactions before than dont. i use nair on mine

    6. tried it.itches a lot.haha.but you can try it.i prefer waxing.

    7. Yeah its fine if you put it on your stomach, and you dont need a certain kind. Although personally the sensitive skin kind is better. If you leave it on for the right time it wont hurt or anything. So yeah.

    8. =] shave it off. u might get a rash from the veet

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