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Well my mom has this Veet Hair removal cream but she told me to " ruin my arms" but it really bothers me and its embarrisingand shes gone to work, and im home alone. how long does it last?i might just put a tiny bit on my arms to see what it does. do you guys think thats a good idea just to put a tiny bit and see how it works,

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    1. Shaving and/or waxing works better than Veet. Veet’s works, but comes along with an incredible burning sensation (even though you only leave it on for 3 min), and then sometimes not all the hair comes off either. It won’t ruin your arms, but it just might sting for a long time without removing the hair. Also, it doesn’t last very long – I tried it last week and already I have to shave again. Lameness

    2. ok, i used it the first time and it burned, but after that it worked really great. it ussuly depends on ur skin type. but like i said it may burn the first time but the second time it works good. just dont put ti on for over 6 minutes. but i have to admit its way better than nair.

    3. Are your arms really hairy, or have dark hair?

    4. DON’Tmy friend used some veet on her legs, and they started to burn really bad

    5. It works jsut the same as using it on your legs but it rly doesn’t lastmore than a couple days longer thanshaving. so if you’re ready to shave your arms your whole life,go for it. cuz the hair will grow back black and curly.just like leg hair.that’s what your mom’s trying to tell you.

    6. Don’t use it. I used to use it on my legs and that cream is strong. My legs were so irritated. Also, your underarms can get burned if you leave it on for more time than what is needed.Just buy skintimate shaving cream and some razors and shave ur underarms.

    7. Well…I don’t encourage going against parental orders but if you are itching to try it I would suggest you test it in a small part of your arm because you may be allergic to it or it may start to burn before you are done applying and that’s not good (from experience). I personally don’t like Veet because i don’t get the same results as if I were to shave.

    8. if u got dry skin dont use it yet if u have sensitive skin dont use it leave it on for less time but ck a lil spot c if the hair comes off if it does remove it if it dont leave it for a bit longer shaving would do the same thing for arms i shae mine bc i have dark hair so it looks bad and as long as u keep up with it no one will notice trust me lol

    9. Think about it: Veet is a strong enough chemical to dissolve hair. Your skin is permeable. You want that stuff soaking slowly into your body? No thanks, I’ll shave or wax.

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