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How do I remove hair off testicles without any irritation at later stage

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  • Shaved my pubic hair.. - So. im 13 and had alot of pubic hair. and i did all the visible stuff. But now i can’t get rid of the ones on the testicles! I tried using scissors and cut a little bit of the penis close to the testicles. HURT! But please help me User tags:remove hair from testicleshow to remove
  • What’s the best way to shave my balls - I wouldn’t advise you shave your testicles as you probably won’t get the entire hair follicle. Because of this, the hairs will be prickly and irritate the testicles and thighs where they rub. Males have said this is irritating and itchy. The best thing to do is just trim your hairs around the genitals or
  • LADIES: The hair down there - How do you get rid of it?I have incredibly sensitive skin, and even trimming causes irritation for me!What’s the best way to safely remove the majority of it? I’m not scared of immediate pain, but I want to avoid having bad enough irritation that I’ll cry. (Seriously, it’s happened from shaving.)Also, what do guys think?
  • Is laser hair removal suitable for men’s testicles? If so has anyone had it done - Human sperms can not with stand higher temperature.Hair on testicle helps to control the internal temperature to keep sperms healthy.If you do not want active sperms removal of hair may be done.Hot water washing of testicles is taken as a measure to prevent pregnancy by tribal(primitive birth control).Trimming is desirable.I have never heard of sex
  • Can using hair removal cream on your testicles make you infertile or sterile - hi im extremely worried that i may be infertile since the use of hair removal cream on my testicles, ive only done it twice, but im very worried that it may have caused me to be sterile… does anyone have any idea how dangerous it is to use hair removal cream on your testicles? im
  • How to treat burn from Nair hair removal cream on the testicles and penis - Well. me and my husband were partying last night and we thought it would be fun to use the nair hair removal cream on our genitals because we have shaved before, but it always leaves nasty razor bumps. So we thought that Nair would be a way to get smooth skin down there. We put
  • How to remove anus and genital hair - so yea how do i remove it? i was going to use hair removal cream for it but im afraid i might burn it?…no?. im mainly concered for the butt hair and the hair on the testicles tho..cause i can trim my penis hair.p.s my girlfriend isnt pregnany YESSSS!. n yes i have learned from

    1. nair…do it trust me i usta shave and i would always get irritation becuase the tips of the hairs wer always ther.get nair and it takes everything away with no irritation.

    2. shave

    3. use an electric razor

    4. try using a real sensitive shaving cram and razor or maybe try clippers

    5. Very carefully.

    6. Get yourself a Boyzillian.

    7. You need to explain why this is needed.There’s nothing wrong with a good trim, but shaving down there? Thats an invitation to trouble. Ingrown hair and infection, bumps, itching like crazy.Use a beard trimmer to buzz back.

    8. unbelievableness

      hi nick how are you why dont you try veet with the bladeless shaver its great im sure no painful waxing or shaving try veet ok it works i use it on my legs :)

    9. Use hair clippers. It cuts the hair without irritating the skin later.

    10. I would trim rather than shave

    11. Try Shaving, that always works!

    12. Don’t shave. Waxing might be painful. How about just trimming them? Electolysis is an option. It is permenant though expensive. Remember, don’t shave them

    13. I think waxing.

    14. Use electric wires plugged into 110 volts.

    15. Waxing is best.But why? They are meant to be hairy

    16. interlocutrices

      Try shaving

    17. shave with a new disposable razor and a gel shaving cream with extra moisterizer.

    18. I use a Hair eRazor, which is an intimate shaver. You first need to trim the hair down to a stubble, but then you use this shaver all over your most sensitive areas without worry. The blades don’t actually touch your skin, no no nicks, razor burn, or itching afterwards. it’s awesome!I’d love to know if you can really wax this area or not though.

    19. Use a shaver.best.

    20. I have heard that it itches like crazy if a man shaves down there. I think trimming would be the best option. Be careful and I hope you find a solution.

    21. just trim them…dont shave all the way

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