I used Veet hair removal at my arms today. They look like they were shaved . Does that mean my hair will grow back darker and thicker? As it happens when we shave hair

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    1. okay. when your hair is shaved it is not that it has grown back thicker longer etc.it is that the hair before it is shaved is the thinner ends of the hair shaft so it tends to be fine. when it is shaved it appears thicker and longer because the hair that has come out is the thicker top that was inside and the end is not a sharp point anymore. it is now a flat surface so it looks thicker. now onto the veet. it really depends on you and your genes to be honest. there is nothing wrong with it being thicker, a lot of woman have thicker hair than others. at the same time it might grow back the same way itt was before.

    2. it usually grows thicker, but it really depends on your hair type to be honest

    3. I think it will because thats what happened to me =SMy arm hair was quite thin and light and i used veet hair removal on it once and it came back much more thicker. I havnt used it since for fear of it becoming even more thicker lol. You can start waxing it after the hair grows again. So dont worry, you can always keep removing once you see the hair appearing again.

    4. wont be thicker

    5. yes it will use braun silk epil or wax

    6. veet is exactly like shaving, use was or an epilator instead

    7. Veet makes your skin dark. So it will make your arm back darker.

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