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im a girl and i have been shaving my pubic hair daily for the past week. i dont want to shave up or i will get ingrown hairs but if i shave down i never get all the hair, it looks like its starting to grow in and its prickly. how can i get rid of all the hair without waxing or using hair removal cream? any shaving techniqes?

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    1. try shaving down first, then shave again going sideways to the left then to the right.

    2. Don’t shave everyday, that’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Just shave once a week. Put baby lotion and baby powder on the skin after and it will keep it soft. (never baby oil). Also never shave dry.

    3. the best way is to use nair i used it last night i got it ina few places i shouldnt have it burned like a ***** but i can handle it be careful make sure its something you can if your not careful enough but thats the best way it looks great not bumpy gross like shaving

    4. cholecystostomy

      you could go and get it waxed but it might be a bit painful for you

    5. Ingroing hairs? Never heard that one before .. Shave upward-its the onli thing tht will get it . Help plleeaase-i hav found lumps:(? [external link]

    6. it hurts like hell to shave up. never gave me ingrown hair though, and i cant get a close shave w/o going up

    7. I don’t know why you girls want to shave or wax your pubic hair. It is there for a reason and it looks pretty naturally. Well, if you are too bushy, just trim it. I love the touch of pubic hair on my face.

    8. ummm y r u asking this

    9. subjectivoidealistic

      get it waxed

    10. use spit instead of shaving cream

    11. 1.whay would you want to get rid of it- with out it, you deefinatly increase the risk of illness in your area by a lot.2.stop shaving it unless you want to have the need to scratch everytime you stand up.3.you should really learn to live in your own skin.

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